Author Visit Information for Schools


Dear Educators,
Thank you for taking an interest in my work. But more importantly, thank you for caring so much about your kids. That’s what makes my job possible. If you would like to continue encouraging your students to become better writers, to follow their dreams, and to do their best work, then you might be interested in hosting an author visit.

Please read the commonly asked questions below, then call or email me to talk about specific dates.

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What types of audiences do you speak with?

  • elementary students
  • middle school students
  • high school classes
  • college groups
  • family reading nights
  • national, state, and local teacher conventions

What do you talk about with these different groups?

  • rainforests
  • oceans
  • birds
  • lakes & ponds
  • the Sonoran Desert
  • the writing process
  • the illustrating process
  • how I got started writing books
  • using my books in the classroom
  • keeping a nature journal

What equipment do you need for your talks?

Unless I am visiting an individual classroom, I like to use PowerPoint as part of presentations, so I need the following:

  • a table
  • a screen
  • a data projector
  • a microphone

What are your current speaking fees for an author visit?

Please see Kristin’s Honorarium page for current speaking fees.

How do I schedule you to visit my school?

Simply visit my Contact page and fill out the Visit Request Form. You can also call, write or email me with your request if you would prefer.

Click here for Kristin’s contact information.