School Visit: Concord, NC

You just can’t beat southern hospitality! Today I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Concord, North Carolina’s Cannon School. This is me with Sam, Lauren, Madeline and Alex. They were invited to attend the author lunch organized by the teachers. I flew in the night before, and stayed at an adorable & friendly inn near Davidson College. I got a little worried when I flipped on the Weather Channel and saw snow & sleet forcasted for today. Fortunately, the next day brought rain and not snow. School was still on! When I got to Cannon School in the morning, there was a huge stack of books for me to sign – and it kept growing throughout the day as students ran in with last-minute orders. I even had to sign books in the car as a teacher drove me to the airport. The students were the best part of this visit, though! They were very curious about making books – especially the 3rd graders, who actually brought their Ancient Rome book projects to work on during my presentation. Many classes also used my books as inspiration for their own art projects before my visit. Thank you, Cannon School!

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