School Visit: Germantown, WI

Wow! I just got back from a week-long stay in Germantown, Wisconsin, where I spent 5 days visiting 4 different schools in the area. And I must say, I am totally impressed with how well prepared the students were for my visit. They did several awesome projects relating to all 5 of my books. The first school I visited was MacArthur School. What a great bunch of kids! The kindergarteners all did portraits of the visiting author and hung them up in the hall outside their classroom. Very adorable. The teachers also prepared a wonderful buffet lunch in the staff room. Everyone was so kind – I felt very welcome at this school. I spent all of Monday, and Tuesday morning at MAcArthur. And of course, as everyone in the elementary school world knows, March 2nd is the birthday of Dr. Seuss. In fact, this year is the Seuss-centennial. I was so mad that I forgot to bring my “green eggs & ham” t-shirt on this trip! But a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Weinhold, got me all dressed up for the occasion. This is a picture of Mrs. Weinhold, me, and Mrs. Semmann all “seussified” for the occasion. Thank you, MacArthur School!

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