School Visit: Durango, CO

Today I visited Riverview Elementary School. This is a pretty big school, compared to the other Durango elementaries. Good thing they also have a nice new library to hold all these kids! In fact, Riverview has a whole new school building – and they were just about finished with construction when I arrived this morning. Before lunch, I spoke with Kindergarten and 1st Grade. This was only their 2nd assembly of the school year, and according to the teachers, there was a huge improvement in their listening skills. Good job kids! Some teachers took me out to lunch, and then I spoke to the 2nd and 3rd Grades, and then the 4th and 5th Grades. Even though they were very large groups, these kids were glued to the screen as I showed them pages from my unpublished journal on the digital projector. I think these kids can really relate because they can start writing & drawing in a journal to practice their author and illustrator skills right now. Also, I signed a lot of books at Riverview after I was finished talking with the students. Thank you, Riverview! Enjoy your new school!

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