New Book!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and joyful holiday season. I thought I would celebrate the new year with a new book, so here it is – hot off the presses! Words With Wings is a collection of my favorite pages from my private illuminated journals (1994-2004). It also contains explanations of how I put the pages together and some ideas on how to start your own illuminated journal.

Journaling is what I do behind the scenes when I’m not making “real” books. Words With Wings is the direct result of the journal workshop I taught this summer at Arts for the Soul, an arts retreat for adults in Steamboat Springs, CO. The artists, writers, and musicians got used to me scribbling away in the corner with my paints & pens during lectures, concerts or lunches. Then the director started asking if I was going to publish my journals. I had never really considered that before. Thanks to his encouragement, I found a way to share my previously private illuminated journals with you. Maybe you will be inspired to illuminate the story of your own life.

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