School Visit: Parkland, FL

Today I visited Park Trails Elementary School. Mrs. Marino had been planning this visit since August 2004, and I was excited to finally meet her, and the students! (She also gave me some good tips on how to share my Spanish language translations of A Walk in the Rainforest and A Swim through the Sea with students in her area, so thanks for that!) Park Trails is a very nice school, and huge! It is located in a growing part of Parkland, and had a student body of about 1500 this year. Because of the school’s size, the schedule had to be configured so that I spoke to 2 groups on the morning of 4 May, and 2 more on the morning of the 5th. It was hard to take questions when working with groups of over 400 students at a time, so I was happy to visit with some of the more interested students between presentations, and during the autographing session in the library. Thank you, Park Trails!

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