School Visit: Valparaiso, IN

Hello from Indiana! I am visiting 4 elementary schools and 1 middle school here in the Valparaiso/Chesterton area this week. So, yes, I will be here through Friday. I am happy to say that the first day, at Jackson Elementary, went very well. I spoke with the whole school (K-4) throughout the day, and it was great because they are getting ready for their Author Evening on Thursday. That night, every student will have a piece of writing on display for parents and teachers to see. So they could really relate when I talked about how many times I have to edit my manuscript. Mrs. Riggers, the head librarian, took me out for a marvelous lunch, and we had a chance to talk about some of the neat ways this particular school is celebrating reading and writing. I was also interviewed and photographed by the local paper. What a busy day! (I hope I don’t get snowed in tomorrow.) Thanks, Jackson Elementary! Keep up the good work!

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