School Visit: Porter, IN

Today was my second day in Indiana, and I got to visit Yost School. This is also a K-4 school, and this time I spoke with 2 groups before lunch and two after. It was interesting to hear what questions they had, and for some reason there were a couple of new questions that I hadn’t been asked before. After speaking with student groups for more than 12 years, you’d think I’d have heard everything! One student asked if art supplies are expensive. Yes. (But tax-deductible!) Another asked if I ever have brain farts. Well, I try not to let that happen in public, and that led us into a discussion about keeping journals. That’s how I avoid those pesky brain farts, or writer’s block. I practice my art and writing in my journal, and that’s also where I save up all my story ideas so I don’t forget them. I hope the students had as much fun as I did today! Oh, and I also have to thank the teachers, and especially Mrs. Borrelli, for putting together such a tasty lunch, and for welcoming me into their school! (And now I love fruit pizza!) Thank you, Yost Elementary!

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