School Visit: Glencoe, IL

What a wonderful treat! I got to stay with my sister Katie on this school visit trip! She is doing graduate work at Northwestern University – and happens to live about 10 miles from the school I visited today. Yay! South School seems like a great place to go to school. There were lots of helpful parents at school today, and the teachers seemed very friendly. The walls are covered with beautiful murals, and the whole building is just for K-2. It’s fun to talk to the really little ones, since I wrote my very first book for my mom’s kindergarten class. This is a picture of me with some of my new little K-1 friends. I gave 3 talks, first a K-1 mix, then all the 2nd graders, and then another K-1 bunch. The 2nd graders asked some especially insightful questions. One student wanted to know exactly what my editing process was like. Impressive! And I must compliment the afternoon group – they had the best manners I’ve seen in a long time. I hardly heard a peep out of them when they came into the auditorium. After all the talks, I even got to autograph the Author Chair, which had already been signed by all the other authors who have ever visited this school. (Being a children’s book author has its perks – you get to write in books and draw on furniture!) Thank you, South School! Keep writing & drawing!

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