School Visit: Suffern, NY

I can’t believe it! I have been doing school visits for about 13 years, and this is my first time speaking at a school in New York. I had a great time working with the students at Montebello School. I was greeted by members of the student council when I arrived at the school on the morning of 18 April. They gave me a bunch of flowers, and made sure I had some water after my presentations. What excellent hosts! The teachers provided a nice breakfast for me in the library, and I had lunch with some specially selected students. They asked me so many questions that I hardly had time to eat! I could tell that these kids were well on their way to becoming writers or artists. I gave 4 presentations in the library, and the kids were marvelous. I was supposed to visit two different schools in Suffern, but the second one didn’t work out, so that meant I got to spend a little extra time today (19 April) with the older students at Montebello. Keep up the good work!

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